License Plate Capture, How this work?

It always happens that when you need something, you almost never have it in your hand. Just as it happens with some security systems. When you want to review the recorded video to monitor a vehicle and recognize its License Plate capture, there is only one white or a plate with fuzzy numbers. We will talk about the special case of the license camera plate. This device can be said that it can work almost like a normal camera, with the exception digital shutter speed is more effective. Video can be recorded and clearly. In the moment we pause, we eliminate a large percentage of the Motion Blur as seen in the following images:

License Plate with Motion Blur:

license plate, cctv, security cameras

Another factor to consider is the special paint of which the License Plate is made. Which is a kind of refractory paint, since when exposed to light in the dark, it is reflected and the Plate number of the vehicle is not appreciated.
The property of the refractory paint in the Plates is a problem for the common security cameras. These do not have any night filter and the infrared light of the camera reflects as a white flash as seen in the image:

Headlight / IR Bounce:

license plate, cctv, security cameras

To avoid this problem a License Plate camera comes with the Headlight Compensation system that easily allows to compensate the IR Light. As well as the vehicle’s high beams and in this way read the number of Plate.

Without Motion Blur:

license plate, cctv, security cameras


The requirements for each client are different, but if you need this type of camera, we have on stock. Those are some different models of License Plate Capture Camera:

If you need some help, please let us now here. All products are Korean equipment.

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