Magnetic, Cement, Magment. Wireless Car charging?

Have you ever heard of electric vehicles or magment?

A great advantage to save gasoline friendly to the environment, but what happens when there is not power supply to recharge the batteries? You should be use magment? There is a company that has invented and patented a new and innovative charging system. Does this image seem familiar?

This is a cell phone model that does not need any kind of connection via wire to be charged, as it does? through magnetic induction. In short words and in the same way a new type of asphalt is already being developed, all in order to implement the same concept of recharging.

Some company registered a new product called it: Magment. What does mean? magnetic cement. Is gonna be the new technology to charge electric cars! Simple: magnetic, cement, Magment.

Only this time it will be through the street, to feed an electric vehicle without the need to stop to recharge ! A great invention!

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Magnetic cement, Magment.

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