4 Pack Security Cameras November Promotion

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We have on few words what do you received if you get this Deal.

1 DVR 1 Months recorded

We will install our popular Eyemax DVR with professional installer, this unit come with capacity to get any recorded video for at least 1 month, but if you need to storage more than 1 month please ask before get the deal. This DVR come with motion detection activated to cough the exactly event on easy way.

4MP Camera with Night Vision

This camera has a very good night vision perfect for a house. You don’t need any light to get video on dark areas. By the way, our installation is so clean. No wires exposed on exterior installations. No worries all cameras are weatherproof IP66.

Professional Remote Access Configuration

On the previous point we forgot to talk about the DVR has to be close to your internet router. Why? Because we have to connect hard wire on internet network to get remote acces from any where! Yes any country. But no worries, our technician are expertise to do any configuration on your router if is necessary.


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Cameras 4K

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  • Just need repair some cameras already installed? Of course! just call us.
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  • Do you need just to have remote access on your equipment? Yes! Just send us brand and model of your camera system, before come to your place.
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*This promotion is just for LA Area and Indianapolis.